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Welcome from the Office of Undergraduate Studies

We are here to support students’ holistic educational experience and interdisciplinary exploration. In a world where challenges transcend the boundaries of traditional fields, 鶹ӳ stands at the forefront of innovation by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration; interconnected knowledge empowers students with a dynamic and versatile education. Our curricula foster exploration of the intersections between engineering, the sciences, and beyond, thereby surpassing the boundaries of any single discipline and equipping graduates with the adaptable mindset needed to solve multifaceted global issues.

We believe that true understanding and growth comes from immersion in diverse experiences beyond classroom walls, offering our students a way to forge their future by recognizing and celebrating a rich array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Office of Undergraduate Studies is dedicated to nurturing the whole student—intellectually, socially, and ethically. Our commitment to growth extends to every facet of the 鶹ӳ experience, ensuring that our students emerge not just as professionals in their chosen field, but as well-rounded individuals prepared to contribute meaningfully to society.


Undergraduate Studies
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Colorado Engineering Council (CEC) Silver Medal Awards

The Colorado Engineering Council was founded on May 16, 1919, with eight charter member organizations. Today, the council’s twenty-two member organizations represent over 20,000 of Colorado’s engineers and scientists. For over 30 years, the CEC has recognized meritorious students at 鶹ӳ and other universities across Colorado with the Silver Medal Award.

The Silver Medal Award honors recent graduates who have exhibited exceptional scholarship, integrity, and engineering abilities; finalists represent exemplary members of the 鶹ӳ community. Applicants undergo a rigorous, 2-tiered application and selection process, which includes review by an internal 鶹ӳ committee and in-person interviews with the CEC to determine the winner. Presented once each year at a standalone recognition event in spring, this ceremony recognizes three outstanding individuals from 鶹ӳ, with the top finalist receiving the prestigious silver medallion.

Colorado Engineering Council Medal
2023 CEC Winners

From left to right
Lisa Elmiladi, Emmelia Ashton, Dorian Cauwe

2024 CEC Award Winners

WINNER: Emmelia Ashton

Emmelia is a Metallurgical and Materials Engineering student who has participated in a diverse array of activities during her time at 鶹ӳ; service as Executive Officer in the Undergraduate Student Government, Undergraduate Representative on 鶹ӳ Research Integrity and Security Committee, Undergraduate Research Ambassador, Executive Officer in Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, Undergraduate Research Scholar Student Organization, and Society of Women Engineers just to name a few. She enjoys knitting, backpacking, camping, baking, hammocking, and spending time with her family and friends when she is not tackling real-world problems, participating in organizations, or attending class.

Emmelia conducts research on novel nanomaterials and characterization techniques in the Transdisciplinary Nanostructured Materials Research Team as an Undergraduate Research Associate. Emmelia is the leading contributor to Biocidal Alloys research: the discovery of a new mechanism to neutralize pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 in seconds. Emmelia has served to evaluate one of the inventions for which two patent applications have been submitted—a means to activate rapid charge transport from metallic surfaces that nearly instantly kill bacteria and neutralizes viruses. She has published a single-author journal paper on this new technology, which has already attracted international attention, including financing for an entrepreneurial venture to commercialize the technology so that it is available to sanitize the air everyone breathes and the water everyone drinks, worldwide. Emmelia is a liaison to our collaborators at the Institute of Physical Metallurgy, Metalforming, and Nanotechnology at the University of Miskolc in Hungary, where she participates in the co-developing antimicrobial substrates to implement the new antimicrobial technology.

Finalist: Dorian Cauwe

Dorian is a Computer Science student with a focus in Computer Engineering, however looking beyond this title it is apparent that he has a passion for his chosen subject matter. Many of the projects that he has engaged with have been aimed at positively impacting the community in Golden and beyond. He has applied himself as the lead hardware/engineering developer on the new bus tracking system for the OreCart Shuttle, which serves 鶹ӳ students and the community. Launched in April 2024, the easy user interface provides estimated arrival times for all 6 busses; the goal is to expand transit opportunities, ridership, and service to the Golden community.

Dorian has also volunteered his time at the Golden Library, providing coding and robotics lessons to children between the ages of 8 and 12 and capturing the imagination of the next generation. During his work with these young students he has emphasized that programming and computer science has the potential to make possible what was previously not. When he is not involved in CS and CE projects he enjoys tennis, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or any other outdoor activity that Colorado has to offer.

Finalist: Lisa Elmiladi

Lisa is an Electrical Engineering student who has been involved in Tau Beta Pi, Blue Key Honor Society, Sigma Kappa Sorority, and Order of Omega during her time at 鶹ӳ. She has also participated in the Multicultural Engineering Program, the Society of Women Engineers, and the 鶹ӳ Symphonic Orchestra! Additionally, she has participated in the 鶹ӳ Dance Team and the 鶹ӳ Equestrian Team. Lisa has participated in research through MURF, served as a TA, and has volunteered her time at both the Colorado Children’s Hospital and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where her passion for serving the community and supporting a healing environment is able to shine.

Her recommenders noted that her excellent communication skills have set her apart from other students, effectively relaying important information on time and serving as a person other students turn to for help. Lisa is a role model for students in her peer group demonstrating passion, perseverance, logical approach, and hard work. She is “trustworthy, helpful, considerate, and very sharp.”

2023 CEC Winners

From left to right
Olivia Jackson, Megan Bausano, Sean Findley

2023 CEC Award Winners

WINNER: Megan Bausano

Megan enjoys spending time outdoors skiing, fly fishing, hiking, golfing, and travelling to new places. Her goal is to visit every continent during her lifetime. During her time at 鶹ӳ, she has been a member of various organizations to include the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, the Sigma Kappa Sorority, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Club Alpine Ski Team, and the Blue Key Honor Society.

Megan has also volunteered for a wide range of community and philanthropic activities including the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the DKMS bone marrow registry, and volunteered for Light the Night event for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Looking forward, Megan has accepted a job offer from KULR Technology as a Battery Design Engineer in the aerospace industry. While working full-time, she will also be attending the University of Colorado in Boulder to pursue a master’s degree in aerospace engineeringspecifically in the field of Bioastronautics that includes the design of payloads, space habitats, and life-support systems for human spaceflight.

Finalist: Sean Findley

Sean is a Mining graduate who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. Sean also enjoys playing video games and staying in touch with friends all over the world.

During Sean’s time at 鶹ӳ he has been involved in community housing clean-up projects and supported SME with their “Girls Lead the Way” initiative, working with young Girl Scouts to encourage their interest in STEM. Sean has also mentored freshman, volunteered for E-Days support, and has served as a valuable member of every community he has participated in.

Upon graduation, Sean will be working for Byrnecut in Perth, Australia, learning hands-on what it means to be a mining engineer.

Finalist: Olivia Jackson

Olivia is graduating with a double major in Computer Engineering and Physics Engineering, and in her free time enjoys creative writing, hiking, biking, and outdoor activities—she is also learning sign language.

During her time at 鶹ӳ, she has been involved in the Society of Women Engineers, Tau Beta PiEngineering Honor Society, Society of Physics Students (SPS), participated in 鶹ӳ Cheerleading, Board Game Club, Physics Department Research (with a CS focus), and served as a Computer Science TA and Grader. Olivia has volunteered at Discover 鶹ӳ and 鶹ӳ Launch Future student events, Out in STEM (OSTEM), Caving Club, the local food bank, diabetes type 1 awareness march, SWE and SPS outreach STEM education events for K-12 students, just to name a few.

Upon graduation Olivia will begin working full time for ICR as a Software Engineer, she plans to peruse an online teaching license in order to volunteer and give back to local communities by increasing accessibility and knowledge of STEM for women, particularly K-12 students who may not have access to proper resources.